Snowed in? Make soap!!

Okay, here is some soaps I made in the last couple of days. The round ones are the hand soap. Made with cracked wheat and calendula. Um, um, they smell so good. The others are lavender and I sprinkled real lavender herbs on top only to realize how I forgot that they just turn black in the fresh soap. Oh well. Good usuable soaps but not the prettiest I have ever made.

Made a castile soap of pure olive oil for my daughter but it is such a soft soap, though, gentle, that I added one ounce of fresh, pure, beeswax to harden it it some. It looks pretty good, thus far. In fact, it is gorgeous. Just hope it has a nice texture and suds. Time will tell... This is fun. I am making smaller batches which enables a lot of variations in recipes so I plan to make more soon.

Speaking of daughter, my granddaughter received a camera for Christmas and she took some shots for me of her and her mother.. and her new little sister... The expression on the baby's face is priceless!!

I managed to get some torching in late this afternoon. Sometimes, the kiln yields amazing things. And sometimes it doesn't!!!! They looked good going in.


Wrensong Farm said…
Those are some great pics! she's quite a photographer! I can still smell all those soaps of yours up in that upstairs room in your old house. I loved walking in there.

This snow you're having over there is NOT convincing me that I need to retire over there!!! :)

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