Snowshoe hiking and photography.

Self portrait. I can't ever get anyone to take my picture!

It was beautiful out. Blue skies and sparkling snow. It begged me to put on the snowshoes and enjoy life.

Something I noticed is how the sun heats up objects and causes the surrounding snow around it to melt. Rocks and metal would be obvious.

Interesting enough, even feathers had this affect on the snow as did this small fir branch.

And what about this nice spot of color among all the white. Can't wait to use this shovel again. But only in my garden!

And now we can speak of textures and designs. Don't you just love old boards like this! The following pictures are taken at the farm way out back behind our house.. Good neighbors.. they don't live there!

This farm has a lot of history. You don't see many foundations such as this any more..

And how about this old road grader you drag behind a tractor.

Now when he does show up at the farm, this is his snow plow.

I will bore you with more pictures later...


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