Bronze Metal Clay Petroglyph Horse Pendant

I have discovered a new art form, bronze metal clay. Not that it will replace anything I already do. I just add this to my repetoire of crafts... Finding my daily activites are surrounded by equine characters be they live or crafts... Part of the healing I suppose.

A sweet 12 year old neighbor girl was coming over to learn how to care and ride. Weebit was so dependable. She had made a ceramic horse with the colors of Weebit. Brought a tear to my eye.

Anyway, this is the pendant I just put on my Etsy site.


That's awesome! Shoot, I still haven't gotten into my box of PMC yet! Too afraid of fouling up!
Janelle Z said…
Really beautiful, Kay!
Kay Lodahl said…
Lori, Janelle Z is the one that got me started in silver metal clay. I know how you feel because that is expensive stuff. Maybe you should try bronze first.. The mistakes aren't as expensive...

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