I did the "Souper Bowl" yesterday!!!

I hate football but this was one Bowl I really had fun attending. There was a fund raiser for on Mt. Spokane for women. A donation to the event provided $ for a program that feeds low income women and their children a good meal a couple two or three times a week.

The turnout was great as was the weather. Snowshoeing and skiing with snowshoes provided. They had guided snowshoe trails of various experiences and some marathon events. Great soups and snacks were for all that attended.

My friend, Carlene and I had a utterly fabulosous day! Lots of laughs. I think everyone had fun. I admit that the hottub felt pretty good when I got home, though and I slept like a baby!!

Carlene and me..

I love the scenery there and look at the beautiful moss on the trees. That white blob is a pile of snow sitting in the middle of the tree. It was a pretty contrast against the green..

Snow Angel? NOT!!

One step forward, three back!! And then a plop! Too funny.

Whose idea was this anyway?!

Carlene needed a pit stop. I sneaked in this picture of her stripping in the snow!! Me? I am not taking my clothes off in this snow. Bladder strengthening, yup!!

This was another group having a blast. Those ladies did everything possible to create great photos. We all helped each other. Great people.


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