Looking forward to a great day

Several friends are coming over today and we plan to work metal clay. Lordy, I am out of bronze! Guess my choice is going to be silver today. I have several molds already made up to do some equine pendants and charms. My friends, I believe, might be doing the bronze. Having already set up some bronze to fire, I told them they could fire theirs with mine since they don't have a kiln of their own. Yup, these are special friends.

Spring is around the corner.. honest. Needing to surround myself with soft, warm, horsey muzzles, I went with a couple of friends to a covered arena near here and spent all afternoon riding, laughing, and reminescing about my lost friend. It was a great day and reminded me of why I love being around horse loving friends. I put a blanket on my Danny Boy so that he will shed faster because I am so looking forward to riding more, now that the pain of a broken heart is easing


Sigh. My box of PMC hasn't been opened since I bought it a year and a half ago. I wonder if it will still work?

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