Nagi Beads nominated me for the Kreativ Award for blogging. This is a unique way to network fellow artisans and friends. Denise is a fellow lampwork artist whose work I admire. Very creative lady. Be sure to check out her blog for information any lampwork artist could use and I think you might get hungry, also, when you browse through the holiday pictures of the feast they had on New Years. Um Um.

Another blog I enjoy reading is Wrensong Farm. Tammy is the one that got me into blogging. She is a good friend that I miss dearly. Our common bond is animals and if you want to know anything about dogs chickens, goats, guinea hens, turkeys, donkeys, sheep, llamas, just to to her blog site and contact her. She is always willing to help out.

Now I have to admit, I have yet to follow many blogs that haven't already been nominated, so as soon as I catch up on a few I will let you know who I favor.


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