What do you do with all this snow?!!

Get out and enjoy it!!
What I like about snowshoeing besides the excercise and fresh air, is you can go places you normally wouldn't through the woods. The snow gets so deep, it pushes down all the underbrush and you just walk on top. Except when you sink to your woo woo because it got too soft..!!
Nancy and I analyzed some tracks we came across on her 200 acres (beautiful acrage in fact). One thing is the smooth indentations under some trees was cause by the deer sleeping there. Their body heat melted the snow into a smooth round oval wherever they slept. Had never thought of this before.... I know they sleep under trees but the fact that they had smoothed out the snow so perfect with their heat had never been considered till yesterday. Took me over 60 years to discover this!!
I know, big deal, huh. In all, here are some pics of us having a good time..
I love this rock we came across in the woods.

Oops, It's deep.
Thank goodness we had poles because it was a struggle to get out sometimes.

Strolling along... oh oh, where did you go? Having snowshoes doesn't always help!! We had a lot of laughs and think our friends need to do this with us. So maybe, just maybe, we can get a group of us together and have a playday at Nancy's "Park". Sounds like fun, huh...


Kay, that looks like so much fun! Enjoyed the pictures and description of your day :)

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