When You are retired and

it is too cold to work outside... you go fishing!!!

This is a good friend of ours, Dennis. I understand he caught two perch his first time out, ice fishing. He is pretty proud of his ice auger. I love the sled idea for pulling out your gear. Dennis has lakefront property, so access to "our" lake is easy for him.

Mike and I live within walking distance of this lake known as Eloika Lake. And there is a public boat launch. It is a quiet lake with ducks, geese, bass and pan fish. The Russian population in Spokane is numerous and it seems ice fishing is a way of life with them. There is more activity on the lake during winter than summer...

Map we live at the star. Dennis lives across the Lake from us..

Check out these pictures of the aurora lights I found on this website. The lady has some great pics and all from our area near Elk and Mead, Washington


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