All done painting.. yup

I know you are just sitting on pins and needles waiting for me to post pictures of the results of all the painting I have done. I will. But you know how it goes... I have to clean off the counters first and put away all my art work (or bead junk but "art work" sounds so much better)

But in the meantime... a good friend introducted (:-)) me to wine making. How much fun it will be now to have friends over, torch, and drink homebrewed wine and homemade saurerkraut.

Unbeknown to me, until now, they make kits to do wine that is just about foolproof. My friend, Peggy, brought some to a get together awhile back and we had wine coolers with Peggy's brew. I picture friends, sitting by the Lake, enjoying wine coolers with the home brew.. oh boy. And the batch makes SIX gallons. Whoopee!!!

After a trip to the brewery store called Jim's Homebrew Supply Store, here in Spokane, and a big chunk of $ laid out for the initial supplies and a kit, I'm off to a good start. Between finishing up the trim work yesterday, I set up the first batch. Now what's cool is that the batch will be done in about a month, providing everything is done right. It is called Island Mist, Black Raspberry Merlot. And sheez... they even provide the labels which really makes the bottles look professional.

When this turns out (and it will, huh, Peggy) I can give fresh fruit (grapes, berries, whatever) a whirl and pray that I don't screw that up...

Now I have to collect 30 bottles and I am told the best way is to hit the latte stands for empties and, of course, garage sales. I sure don't need an excuse to go to a garage sale. I will see if I can get some pictures together of the finished paint work.


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