Lazy Sunday.... sorta

Craigslist!! Gotta love it!

Found a great deal on a Hot Shot (or is it Start) kiln on CL and the same person also has a Skutt ceramic kiln for $150. Great deal. So we made a two hour trip to St. Marie's, Idaho yesterday, in the snow and got out just in time as the roads were really getting treacherous. But the trip made us realize that going there in the nice weather is a must. It looks beautiful. A small logging town that looks like it has a lot of history.

And to top all this, we made new friends. These people are soo talented. Debbie is an artist and actually does artwork on walls (and canvas) for other people. In one of the little restaurants in town, she did a mural on the wall. Check it out if you ever get there. But he is a contractor and they build homes for spec and take their time doing the work while he works on other homes.

I laughed as Debbie also has a room such as mine... totally dedicated to crafting supplies. She wouldn't allow me to even see the room but if the truth were to be known, bet my room is more cluttered than hers. Particularly, right now, while we are finishing the floors. I know, I know. I will post a picture, but really, I want to get the walls painted and molding on first.

I admire Debbie for her lust for life and her passion for art. She has had a bout with cancer but has not let it interfere with what makes her happy. We all need a passion to pursue. As we get older, we have more time to apply our desires in a direction of our choice. I love waking up in the morning,(that's a good start in itself!!) laying there, and designing a bead idea, (I am going to torch today, come hell or highwater!) color, or mentally working on a piece of fused or painted glass. Or lately, what color to paint the wall.

Having been in Debbie's house gave me some inspirational ideas for my walls.. Take a look here. Sorry for the not so clear image but you can get an idea. This is handpainted by Debbie. Isn't the stove cool? And it works!! And BTW, this house is for sale. If you hurry, you can have Debbie paint some other walls for you with her custom art work.

The bunnies are canvas art by Debbie.
And this wall in the bath is one that I might apply to a section in my living room. It is textured with imprints of leaves and several layers of colors applied, light almond, soft touches of burgandy and walnut. Absolutely gorgeous!! I was in awe. This page is dedicated to you, Debbie. Go, Girl!
(Bead color idea here?)


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