My grandmother's rocking chair. Yup. A real treasure for sure and goes quite well with the antique wood cooking stove behind it . I was shooting for color here.. the walls are a sage green with a terra cotta background in the arch. but hitting the sepia color button gave me this image that compliments the furnishings.... This is all part of the mess right now but it is coming together. I will paint the trim boards today so Mike can install them as I paint each wall..

Check out the grain on the floor. It is really a little more subtle than the picture.

Doing all this by yourself takes time. Even Mike suddenly develops cramps in his hands if I even mention the word "paint". So he realizes it takes more time. He is good at bringing in the ladder.. and he is my best critique. (Interesting that he never says anything bad. Maybe because I have been known to throw down the brush and storm out to my shop? ) One of my friends will drop in and pick up a brush from time to time. Now that is a good friend!
Note my "Cowboy Butts" on the wall in the arch? A gorgeous piece of laser cut metal art with a variety of colors. It really stands out now on the terra cotta wall. The wood stove will go next to it but all this is subject to change..........


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