As if I hadn't had enough of paint!!

A friend and I decided we wanted to do some watercolor painting on greeting cards mostly so invested in the time and minimal $ for a class. Did we have a blast! and was so inspired.

The big sunflower was my first piece done in the class. The other two I did at home today just playing around. I think I like what I am doing. More paint... more paint. And I still don't have the last two doors inside the house done .. Mostly because they aren't here yet..


Wrensong Farm said…
Way cool, Kay!! I've always wanted to take a watercolor class. It's one of my favorite mediums! Looks like you're a natural!!
Kay Lodahl said…
Thanks, Tammy. I am sure they offer a discounted class somewhere around you. It is a lot of fun. I think you would love painting your animals like this....

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