Lazy Sunday Morn

Take a look at this.. it is so pretty. Nice we can appreciate the little things in life. Just trying to get motivated here. We do have a lot to do and the weather is suppose to be good today. All but two doors are done. I am so tired of smelling polyurethane... We are waiting
for the doors.

So I suppose we can work on repairing the fences damaged by the winter snows.


Pretty Things said…
Awesome photos -- very peaceful.
Wrensong Farm said…
I was out all day trying to get stuff done before the next rain! I just came in....8pm. I bet you ARE tired of smelling polyurethane, but it will be SO nice and the doors are SO beautiful!! Miss you my friend!!
Kay Lodahl said…
Thank you my friends. I appreciate the compliment on the photos.

Polyurethane? And I thought I would have one day of reprieve but ended up applying two coats to a table I have wanted to do for two years now. Turned out nice so I did two wooden chairs, also.

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