Great way to start ANY Day!!!!!

A beautiful watercolor background picture I found on the net... ummm ummmm!! To be able to get this in glass!!
Weather is kinda cool the last couple of days but not complaining. I have been planting grass plugs... lots of them. A friend came over a donated some of her time helping me out. Now that is a GOOD friend, huh! It is suppose to be a very drought tolerant prairie grass. I put some in a small area a couple of years ago and it never needs mowing, (only gets about six inches tall) stays green with very little water. Everyone should have a lawn like that. One can mow it if you wish ..

Am off for a wonderful day of pampering today. A friend of mine is taking me and herself for a facial. My first ever. She has this gal that does it at her home and swears if nothing else, you come out feeling so good renewed.... I am not much into spending $ on my appearance so this is special. And after that, off to Rings n Things and Michael's.


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