Baby, It's Hot Outside!!

Bet there are a lot of people wishing they could swim under water about now!! Particularly in the Pacific Northwest. My gosh, I don't think I have ever heard about it being that hot there. The humidity must be much like Houston, Texas, as I remember it on a stormy summer day.

I still am burning glass when I can. I am fortunate enough to have air conditioning in my shop.. spoiled aren't I?!! But when I don't feel like playing with fire, I find watercolor painting a relaxing relief. This is a piece we did in class. I have seen the picture somewhere but this is my own rendition and I am liking it..
This boy was done on my own. The background reminds me of the hills in California where I was born. I am working on making some greeting cards using these two pictures and perhaps some others I have done. Maybe a floral set coming soon....


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