Whoopee, deck and pergola are done now

Garden shots.... Bee Balm. The plant is about 5 foot tall and 5 foot wide. The bees are happy
Forgot what these are, maybe a straw flower family member? They are so bright and cheery. Notice how the color doesn't blend from brown to yellow like most flowers would. Almost a direct line. Unique. These would be fun to do a watercolor painting, perhaps. This part has a covered roof but the evening sun comes in so we installed these drop down shades which help a lot and withstand the late summer breezes we get through here. Do you like our little wood stove? It is actually a functioning item. We have it hooked up to a propane tank under the deck and use it when it gets cool. We just open the door after the iron gets hot. No ashes or smoke in your eyes and hair. To the left is the hot tub which doesn't show in the picture, so a privacy panel was installed as there is a neighbor way out across the field. I didn't want to scare them off!! (actually I do but that will never happen, I am sure) Notice the decorative glass panels on top of the lattice piece. These are antique heater floor registers I purchased for $1 each at a garage sale and installed some Spectrum iridized baroque glass in each one and have them hanging from chain. A small chain at the bottom of each keeps the wind from swinging them around too much. There are still some painting touch ups left to be done.
Looking south from the back door. The deck looks down toward this garage sale find Mike installed at the end of the deck. My intent is to make a stained glass piece to go inside the round window piece. This was originally a cedar gate but he set two 4x4's up for a permanent installment. I have some grapes to plant by the posts so looking out the dining and TV room windows, you would look underneath them out toward the fields and the lake behind our place.

Life is good!!


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