Learn some things.

Five days without water.. The guys finally got the pump to work today. Yippee!!! It was the electric wire. Conduit is better than direct burial!

I learned a lot:
1. Being without water in the winter is easier than not having it in the summer.

2. The hot tub comes in real handy.

3. How to wash my hair and rinse with vinegar so all the soap comes out. (Thanks, Grama)

4. Horses eat snow

5. Dishes can be washed using only 1 gallon of water

6. I have nice neighbors and friends that will let us use their shower and washing machine.

7. What a Marine spit bath is all about.

8. And the whole world is a toilet for you guys!!!


selbydesigns said…
I'm with you on the water issue, Kay. I live in Dallas, Oregon and the winter was so serious last December that Christmas plans went right out the window. For two weeks we were without water (pipe broke at wellhead) and electricity because we couldn't use the generator as the pump was on the same circuit as everything else. So, to your list I would add: use of a camping potty and skill at wood fire building.
'Bellabjoux' said…
Thanks for the advice, especially the bit about the hairwashing. Unfortunately, I know all about the toilet thing :(

Cheers Jacqui
Wrensong Farm said…
Wow! What an adventure!! It's true we never stop learning, huh? :) You didn't "just" learn that the world is just one big toilet for guys did you?? :P I do find myself getting jealous sometimes......

Here's wishing you, Mike, and your animal family a wonderful New Year!!

Tammy, G and the Wrensong bunch

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