Speaking of horses

A funny little story.

I really enjoy hopping on my "big guy, Dan" and taking a jaunt around the neighborhood and local fields surrounding our property. At the southend is a restaurant down by the highway and I will ride that direction sometimes to educate him on cars and traffic but the funniest thing is when we walk by the windows. I suppose everyone in the breakfast/hamburger, country style atomsphere, gets a big kick out of watching us ride around. Road apples not on the menu though.

What is hilarious about all this is when Dan sees his reflection in the windows, he actually tilts his head with a real bewildered look about him. He is so curious. So, everytime I head out in that direction, he gets excited, wanting to see that "other horse". Just too funny.


Laureli Illoura said…
I just found your blog and read about Don's reaction to his reflection -had to laugh out loud! If you want to see my horse doing that same kind of 'connect' to the other horse, I've put some pictures onto my website in his folder CHERIHUKA...on the bottom row where he found himself in a window. I actually put a mirror outside for him since he has no pasture pal.
By the way your horse is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing on your blog.
website: http://paradiseranch.spaces.live.com/
Kay Lodahl said…
Your guy probably loves his pasture pal.. heaven forbid if the mirror breaks!! And talk about gorgeous horses.. OMG. Yours is so handsome.. thanks..

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