Just a thought and a picture I painted yesterday.

I was thinking.. that alone is scary! But having gone beyond my youthful years, I filed for Social Security. Birthday was January 26. They tell you to file a month or two earlier than that so processing can take place, yet you don't receive any checks for as long as two months after that.

Just think about all the money the government doesn't have to put out if each person were to receive anywhere from $600 to $3000 a month per person!!! They manage to jilt each person out of the first one or two months of pay that should be theirs once each person reaches the required age for collecting. Shouldn't they be required to pro-rate it?

I did this painting at a friend's yesterday. We had a great time just playing with color and water. This was based on a flow of background colors and then I let the colors dictate my landscape design.. a lake with aspens. Could be spring or fall.. what do you think?


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