Vegging Out

It is snowing out, currently, but I sit here all snuggled up in the easy chair near the fire in the wood stove feeling like I am on top of the world!! Got some work done this AM and went to some friends to see how they are doing with their logging project. Interesting watching this guy turn their trees into usable lumber with his portable mill. His 22 year old daughter was there helping him. It was her job.. she was a real cutie. Must be a fun girl as she is a barrel racer.

Came in when it started snowing and did some watercolor painting stuffs and watched a video on how to do some barns.. I am inspired now... Told my uncle I would try to paint one that I hope would be good enough for his empty walls somewhere... All this and I made some salted pecan caramel candy also. um um.....

Here are my paintings I touched up today...


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