Where have I been!!

It is so hard, during the winter, to try to stay fit.  Argh, I hate working out.  Used to do Curves but gas got too spendy for that.  My $36 a month membership fee didn't include the $40 a month for fuel to get there...

So much for complaining...

Winter is a great excuse to stay in and paint or do glass torching.  Put some electroforming together and completed a couple of projects, also.  And of course, doing pottery also works for me as the wheel is in the heated tack room..   Everyone loves these little "horse pots".  I need to make some more as these have gone as gifts.

I put some new stuff up in my Etsy store as I have been pretty slack in that area.    I think the addition of www.Pinterest.com has really helped with my sales.  


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