I love mornings here at our little ranch in Elk.  Spring brings a beautiful morning sunrise to our home that is a delight to watch over a cup of coffee.  I mostly enjoy watching how the shadows play over the land and seems like I am constantly thinking watercolor art.   The Meadowlarks do their warbling as the Bluebirds play around the two nesting boxes Mike built for them.  The quail search for bugs and seeds while their "guard" sits on a boulder near by standing watch for the barn cats and I can see the deer awaking under the fir trees in the south field.  And the Marmots are out in the rock pile in the same field scurrying around looking for bugs and talking to each other.  I remember the first time I saw one in our pile of logs (firewood).  The horses were going nuts trying to figure out what that critter was and their curiosity was fun to watch as they would run from the pile and then come back again to check it out some more, snorting warnings to the other horses.    

It is so nice to wake up to a sunny day and blue skies again....  Welcome, Spring.  Welcome to The Last Chance Ranch...


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