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Artists' Journal Workshop: Watch for Interview #17--Scotland's Catriona Andrews!

A page in the blog of Cathy Johnson.

How can you NOT love a face like this!!

Caramel Topped Shortbread Bites | She's Becoming DoughMessTic

I have made salted caramels before and it's delicious!! Here is another yummy sounding recipe I am going to try this year..    
Caramel Topped Shortbread Bites | She's Becoming DoughMessTic:

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Winter's here.

Well, not officially but sure feels like it.  Temperature's been in the teens.  But one thing is for sure and that is Christmas is around the corner.  I have been busy making icicles and Christmas elves for local craft fairs and my Etsy store.

Icey Red Winter Berries - a watercolor painting

Now I started out with a reference photo that I took but as the painting progressed, I created my own image and let the paint do the talking..  I like the soft focus background...

Workshop with Tom Lynch

Having spent three days in a class with Tom Lynch, I came out of all this with a whole new outlook in the applications of watercolor art.  Spent the nights dreaming in values, shading, contrast, colors and shapes, all of which apply to Tom's view of true art.

It is all like riding a horse, you learn your way only to find out it is harder to retrain yourself than if you had learned right in the first place.  I am not saying, so much, that I want to change my art.  As we all know, art is in the eyes of the beholder and we all have to develop our own technique, but when I do a piece, it is my goal to have people stare at it to discover what makes it so compelling...

Take a look at this painting of Tom's..  now who would have thought you could make a piece of art from a visual of a studio!   The unity of color, shadows and the light in this piece are dramatic and very pleasing to the eye.  I find myself searching for things as my eye travels around first to the light and then to…

ah.. new adventures...

Having a kiln can prompt one to go into so many directions.

A good friend showed me how to work on a potter's wheel.  Working with clay is very satisfying..  the texture as you work a mound of mud into something visual, tactile and possibly even functional.

The process of glazing is another field altogether.  More like lampworking and fusing glass.  Compatibility issues come into play as well as the rewards of opening the kiln to see what transpired between the kiln gods... having discovered that arguments do occur at times..  lol.   This is the first load they let me have..

I look forward to the long hours of winter where I can totally surround myself with my arts.. though I will miss the long ride in the woods and trails on horseback.

This weekend will be very rewarding.  Tom Lynch is in town and I have signed up for his three day workshop hoping for improvements to my watercolor adventures.  Check out his website to see where I want to go..

Sketching in Nature: Inspired by Fall Berries - Lin Frye

I love the loose technique here..   Sketching in Nature: Inspired by Fall Berries - Lin Frye:     Inspired by Fall Berries , a photo by linfrye on Flickr. 9" x 12" Arches 140#CP The culmination of a plant's lifecycle is the return to the...

Great new adventures...

I have had a great experience at a friend's house doing some pottery throwing..   Researching Craigslist, I found a great deal on a wheel and poor Mike can't keep up...    He is so patient with all my attempts at staying busy.

Sometimes, I wonder why we don't travel being retired but I have so much I want to do at home.  I think some people are just bored and have nothing else to do to keep them out of the bars!   I have absolutely no excuse for having nothing to do...  I wake up every day wondering which way to go and no matter the direction, I can always choose another the next day.   Life is good.

Glass adventure to Seattle

My friend and glass partner, Barbara, just returned from a trip to Seattle on a glass buying adventure.  It was fun just for us two gals....  husbands stayed home.   Thank goodness for shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden!!

We went to Momka's Glass and enjoying the tour of her new facilities in Arlington, just north of Seattle.  She has a wonderful place to work now.  Not quite as big but it has room to grow.  And Momka is so happy as she can have a garden now and the cost of doing business is so much better for her.  We were privileged to see what's new and her excitement showed.  We were even allowed to offer a new name for this product so it really has a personal touch for Barbara and I.  

We went to Olympic Color Rods and was glad our timing allowed us to watch David Wight, an exceptional glass artist and very personable man that has not allowed his talent to overwhelm his courtesy to a couple of "seasoned ladies" that enjoyed the attent…

New addictions

I can play with paint for awhile.  I can play with borosilicate.  I can ride.  I can ignore anyone of these for any length of time..  but when a new glass color comes out that wows you... I have to torch!!  Check out this awesome purple and blue colors.  I can't imagine why it is on backorder... lol

Playing around with pottery specifically Raku

I posted these little treasures on my Etsy store this am.  Not too sure I even want to part with them as they are so cute.  I love the process of Raku art.  A friend has a raku setup in their shop and we get together once or twice a year to play.
I have not been around this page lately..  Hard to remember it as seems Facebook has overwhelmed the communication and networking world.  But I actually enjoy the blog site more.  Personality comes through with each post.

I was gifted some watercolor tablets recently and it occurred to me, I should do some journaling and sketching of some art work and maybe ramblings of my day.  Who knows but what the kids might get a kick out of it someday and it could have meaning.    This particular blog Nature Sketches has been an inspiration to these ventures.

And for those interested in my glass art, mostly, I just posted some new items in my Etsy store or you can see these on my Facebook pages.  Check out Kay Lodahl or Lodahl Art Glass on the FB network.

fall aspen forest watercolor painting...

Just started this as a putzing project.  I like how it turned out..

I enjoy making these little electroformed jars..

Having a few little jars laying around that I had made some time ago, it seemed inevitable that they would get electroformed  living any where near my studio as of late...   I like them even better now.... they can still live here...   lol  

Rode My Ass

Hey,  I did.  Yup.  His name is Sawbuck.  The funniest, cutest little mule.. we have had him since he was 8 and he is now 30.  A treasure.

I have a lot of history with this little guy. And he has taught several of my grandchildren how to ride.  Sawbuck isn't very big for a mule and that is just fine with me.  I have no idea why tonight inspired me to get him out of the field but having not been on him for almost two years, I was a little nervous getting on bareback but he was a champ!!   Was just like I rode him yesterday.

This I call keeping it between the ears....

Her Highness..

This is Irene.  She lets us live here.   A watercolor excercise in realism with an abstract appeal.

Beautiful Open Heart Electroformed Necklace


A Reminder about the Ann Kirk Clinic this weekend.

Sensible Horsemanship with Ann Kirk Ann is giving a  progressive clinic in Elk, WA.  To learn more about Ann and her clinics, check out the link above.

Dates:  May 21 and June 4, all 9:00 to 5:00 with hour for lunch.  Bring your own lunch or there are nearby fast food services.  

You may register for one day or both days.  This clinic is a unique way to learn as you go.  Take two weeks to practice what you learn and if you have issues, you will have the opportunity to work them out, with Anne, in the following days.  

Class has a limited number of participants so be sure to register soon.  Covered arena available should weather be incremental.   Call 509 292 9980 or 292 2475.  Or feel free to ask questions at   

Introductory rate of $100 each day.

Auditors welcome at $20 each day.

oh my.. getting noticed.. these pieces sold today!!! Wahoo.


Lampworked Glass Horse with electroformed main and a copper chain..

This gorgeous lampworked glass horse was electroformed to enhance the main and forelock.  Now finished into a beautiful necklace with crystal accents and an antiqued copper chain.  Kathy did a great job of making this little horse shine!!  

Watercolor Painting on Acrylic Linen paper.

I had no idea this would be so fun.  I really like how the paints react on this paper.

Sensible Horsemanship with Ann Kirk

Ann is giving a 3 day progressive clinic at our place in Elk.  To learn more about Ann and her clinics, check out the link above.

Dates: May 7, May 21 and June 4, all 9:00 to 5:00 with hour for lunch.  Bring your own lunch or there are nearby fast foods services.  

You may register for one day or all three days.  This clinic is a unique way to learn as you go.  Take two weeks to practice what you learn and if you have issues, you will have the opportunity to work them out, with Anne, in the following days.  

Class has a limited number of participants so be sure to register soon.  Call 509 292 9980 or 292 2475.  Or feel free to ask questions at   

Introductory rate of $100 each day.

Auditors welcome at $20 each day.

Karen Watland Fresh Paintings

Karen Watland Fresh Paintings
A long time friend of mine. Take in some of Karen's artwork..
I fell in love with this little guy when Janelle posted him on FB.  It is her cat, Beanie.  Look at that adorable little, smug face..   So I did a watercolor painting of him.

New Beads on Etsy..

This beautiful bicone bead is of softglass. The eye catching swirls of glass are reduced in the flame to provide the shimmer and the amber gold ends also shine. The fuming process provided a very pretty amber tone to certain parts of this little treasure.

 I am also including a 12 inch strand of amber glass teardrops and a strand of opal heishi 4mm beads that go great with the focal. Opal strand is 14 inches long. The bicone is 44x10mm and made on a 3/32 mandrel. I anneal all my beads in a digital environment for strength and durability..


New Fused Glass Dish on Etsy... fun to make...


Organic Boro Cubes Southwest Colors

Great Southwest colors and really fun to make  Listed on Etsy.

Cowboy Comrades

I painted this from a 5x7 old photo.  The man on the left is Tex Hunt and the other is Neil Petitt.  Taken sometime in the late 50's (note the hat style).  The picture tells a story.  These guys used to enter roping contests throughout the region in Northern California.  Tex is my cousin's grandfather and we used to go to his ranch on weekends.  He is the first man that ever put me on a horse.

Ivory Creamsicle Kalera style with .999 fine silver accents on Ebay

Very popular fun set of pressed beads.

Surviving Winter

I honestly don't know how anyone remains sane if they don't have some sort of hobby or activitie to help keep them busy during the long, cold, winter months.  And holy moly!!  What about Eskimos!  Though I suppose their "activity" would be just survival tecniques.  Shelters, hunting, fishing...  I can't imagine all that they have to do just to stay alive.  

We are so absolutely spoiled that the hardest thing I find to do in the winter is keep the pounds off.   I can stay pretty busy but lamp working and painting isn't exactly conducive to a good weight program.  I laugh at Mike as he is always suggesting I can dig some fence post holes, stack hay, plow or something.  I volunteer to help him with firewood but then he says he wouldn't have anything to do.  Okay?  So the horse stalls need cleaning maybe.  Ah ha... therapy.  Only to find out he already cleaned them...   So much for remaining sane.   Guess I will walk up and get the mail..crapola, it's Sund…

Yet another watercolor class but I am psyched...

I took a 2 day weekend class in watercolor art with Stan Miller.  The subject being buildings and bridges, though I think back now.. we never did any bridges but applying the principals we learned, I suppose I could flow with the same concepts.

I will post our projects here but the most fun one for me was the Venice boat scene.  Not perfect but considering my talent and knowledge, I was pretty happy with it.  The biggest challenge was the farm project.   I love the tip Stan gave about using a photo program to enhance the contrast in your potential project to establish it's values.

The pictures are posted in the order in which we progressed.  I welcome any feedback but remember now, be nice.  LOL  I am a student  ...  a work in progress by myself...

New fandangled web apps

Check out the little "store" on the left of this post.  An application I found to help promote my Etsy store.  I am so in awe of all the apps available to the general public.  

Having purchased one of the new fandangled phones from Verizon, I found I have become the person I used to say "hang up the phone and walk!".  Instead of reading a book, anymore, I use the phone.  I actually found myself watching CSI on my cell phone the other day on a road trip.  My grandkids now call me "techy grama".  Yup, I text.  

Too bad my husband just installed a remote start in my car.  Now an app is available to do it from your phone for Pete's sake...  

All for now.  Enjoy my little Etsy store app for easy browsing.  I am off to research stock purchases in the world of finance..  Must be an app somewhere for instant $.  LOL
Okay.   So it is really snowing out right now.  Fire in the wood stove is so comforting on days like this.  I love that we have big picture windows that overlook our fields, providing a winter wonderland scene.   I ask myself, now," why are you sitting on the darn computer when it would be nice to be doing some painting?".  Or even working on glass.  Then I answer myself and people tell me that is scary.   But, to retired people, the options are such that we have more time to dwell on them.   Of course, snowplowing, is not an option.  It is a necessity!  Poor Mike.  I am thinking he actually enjoys it though as it provides more options for his day...

Quite a contrast between these two pictures.  But it is our world....  Fall and winter.